Kurs Beispiel 3-4 Jahre

English with Betsy 34 Sessions
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Dates / Months New songs Books Games / activity songs.

September – October My little puppy Brown Bear what do you see Teddy bear – teddy bear

Little green frog Spot goes to the farm Apple Tree

The wheels on the bus

November – December Twinkle twinkle little star The three little pigs Round and round the garden

Ring a ring of roses Moo, Baa, La La La. Can you stretch up tall?.

January – February Jingle Bells Toot Toot Shake your fingers

I`m a little Snowman Marmalade`s nap Chubby little snowman

March – April See the bunnies sleeping Guess how much I love you Clap your hands touch your toes

If your happy and you know it The hungry caterpillar Five speckled frogs

May – June Five little ducks In the nest Hocus pocus Animals

Lets go fly a kite Ten little fingers, ten little toes Crossing the river

I'm a little birdie

Every week Good morning
1,2,3, clap with me.

Hello …... how are you today.

Now`s the time to say goodbye.


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