Yoga + English

Yoga + English program for children ages 2,5 - 10 years


Yoga, gently interwoven with English. The focus of my program is Yoga (positions, concertration, fun, body awareness). This creates the opportunity for the children to pick up the language in a truly playful and meaningful manner.  More and more English will be utillized as the program evolves. The pace is dependent on the groups knowledge of English.



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My programs combine beautifully, individually tailored to meet your Goals.


Carpentry with Betsy

Woodworking program for children ages 1,5 - 10 years


By experiencing how objects can be constructed and repaired, the children gain an awareness that counteracts the throw-away mentality of today's society.


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English with Betsy

An English program for children ages 1.5 - 6 years


My English sessions are inspired by many years of experience as a kindergarten teacher as well as my lifelong love for music. I endeavor to bring fun and variety into the lessons.


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