In 1984 I came to Vienna to visit my mother and sister who worked at the UNO-City. I didn't know it at the time, but Austria was to become my home.


After working for two years at the American International School as a teacher´s aide, I dedicated my time to furthering my education in carpentry. In 1991 I was proud to finish my studies and pass the journeyman´s examination in Fohnsdorf, Styria.

One thing led to another and by meeting my Austrian husband Adrian, my decision to stay in Austria was finalized.

I thoroughly enjoyed my new profession and in 1993 even became the first ever female stage technician at Theater der Jugend, Vienna. I decided to further my studies at the Master School of Carpentry in Hallstatt, Upper Austria and in 1997, I received the master craftsman certificate of carpentry.

Besides the joy that designing and producing furniture brings me, I have always found teaching fascinating. In 1999 I focused my full attention on children.

While working at the Montessori Kinderhaus in Vienna, I attended weekend seminars with Claus Dieter Kaul from the Institute for holistic learning. In 2000 I recieved my diploma in Montessori Education for pre- and primary school. I worked as a pre-school teacher at the Kinderhaus for a total of five years.

In 2004, I was granted Austrian citizenship and it was once again time for a change in my professional life. I started working on a project where I could combine my pedagogic knowledge and my master carpentry, creating something new. This was a tremendous challenge and very rewarding.

"William's Daughter” is something I am truly proud of. It constitutes all my woodworking skills, my proficiency in English, my background in music and of course my pedagogic knowledge in creative learning with children.   


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