My projects and courses are adapted to the desired goals and possibilities afforded by each individual venue. Projects and courses take place in kindergartens, schools and after-school centers. 


The projects are composed, in most cases, of working sessions held in regular intervals over longer periods of time. 


Educational philosophy  


I greatly value offering equal opprtunities to all children, and thus  work with whole kindergarten classes  or age groups whenever possible. My prices have been calculated to enable this.



Required Resources

Carpentry with Betsy


Depending on the activity, I work with 2 - 6 children at once. Further children can join the group every 10 - 20 minutes (depending on their age, concentration span and interest). Two tables are required; one would ideally be a workbench for sawing, drilling and screwing, the other for sanding and planning, etc. 






English with Betsy - Yoga + Englisch


I require only space to sit in a circle with the children and a guitar if available. I prefer to work with groups of 12 - 15 (6 - 12 Yoga) children, but this can be discussed individually.


I either provide all materials, or upon agreement with the teacher, I purchase and charge for them separately. 




English Carpentry Yoga


I work with inclusive prices for my programs.

(including preparation and on site, material cost and use of tools). 


All my  projects are  individually planned therefore my prices vary. As an example, a project with 5 / 3 hour segments would cost 

€550 - €600 . Plus materials and tool usage fee.


Many kindergartens/schools choose to use this opportunity to buy their own tools and workbench. I offer a consulting and shopping assistance package for setting up children's woodworking areas free of charge in combination with Carpentry projects. The children and teachers learn how to work safely and efficiently with these tools during the Carpentry program.


Otherwise the tools will be provided by me.

(A tool usage fee will apply)







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