Woodworking projects for children ages 1.5 - 10 years

Carpentry with Betsy exposes children to planning, measuring, building and teamwork while promoting manual skills, concentration and self assurance.


The projects always give the children a clear goal to reach.


The children saw, nail and sand the wood by hand.



Repairing and building objects for the kindergarten



The children experience how furniture and/or toys are built and how one can repair objects instead of throwing them away. The children assist in planning, building and/or repairing objects to the extent of their abilities. This exposes the children to an assortment of possibilities in woodworking.



 Individual work


The children learn how to safely handle and use woodworking tools. They then have the opportunity to work independently, strengthening their manual skills. I assist the children in realizing their ideas. The children saw, nail, and sand the wood by hand.



Educational philosophy 


I greatly value offering equal opprtunities to all children, and thus  work with whole kindergarten classes or age groups whenever possible. My prices have been calculated to enable this.



 Pictures / Videos- Carpentry

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